Our School Uniform colors consist of:

Shirts:  Red, Pink, Royal Blue, Light Blue, Green, Teal, Black, and White (all monogramed with school logo)
Pants, Skirts, Capris, Shorts, Skorts, Jumpers: Khakie, Navy Blue, Black, or Gray

(ALL pants, skirts, capris, shorts, skorts, jumpers, etc NEEDS TO MEET THE BOTTOM OF THE KNEES WITHOUT CARGO POCKETS)!!!!!!

Footwear: Cannot have any visable logo's, shoe strings must be tied at all times!

Athletic shoes: white, black, or brown (Boots can be worn except for PE and pants must filt over shaft of the boot)
PE Approved Shirts can be purchased through our office.

Girls shoes have to be closed heel and toe.

Field Trip Uniforms: Red Polo Shirt with GFCS logo with approved jeans.

Cold Weather Wear:  Approved GFCA Navy Jacket (fleece pullover/sweater/cardigan)