Break & Lunch

Students may bring a snack and lunch from home. Microwaves will be provided to heat up small items. *Please ask about our lunch programs.


School Van Services

Van transportation is available to and from school in the Albany and Sylvester areas. The pick-up locations are Burger King Parking lot, Hwy 82, in Sylvester and the Burger King on North Slappey in Albany, Georgia. The cost for van services to and from school is $125.00 per student per month. Transportation fees are not pro-rated, each student's place is reserved on the van. Charges are the same regardless of how many days the student rides the van. The school reserves the right to change transportation charges as deemed necessary because of the rising transportation costs.



All students in 1st grade and up are responsible for purchasing their own supplies.

Teachers will furnish a list of general supplies for each school grade during, or before the first week of classes or you can look it under the teachers name. Supplies need to be re-furnished every quarter.

Incidental Fees and Expenses

From time to time, students will need to share in paying for others supplies and expenses that are important for their educational experience. These would include field trips, special supplies, art supplies, physical education uniforms and sweat suits, etc.

Field Trip Budget: K4-6th Grades $125.00 (4 Field Trips, one per quarter)

7th-12th Grades $125.00

Jr. Convention: 3rd-6th Grades $125.00 (Held in November)

Regional Convention: 7th-12th $350.00 (Held in Spring)

International Convention: $650.00 (Held in May)

Convention Projects Estimated Cost: $100.00 per student

GFCA actively seeks donations, and provides students and parents with opportunities to support Fundraisers to help cover these costs, but each family is ultimately responsible for providing their student's financial support in these important enrichment opportunities.

Note: any fee's paid to GFCA are NON-REFUNDABLE