Enrollment Procedures

The following are the procedures necessary for enrollment of a student in God's Foundation Christian Academy School:

1. Parents visit school and pick up student handbook and application pack or you can download it from this website.

2. Parents and students read handbook and if they agree with the handbook, sign the delegation statement at end of handbook.

3.  Fill out application packet, including statement of delegation, and return it to the school or mail it in.

4.  Request an interview time with the principal and appropriate supervisor.  Please be prepared to stay at least one hour to complete the interview process.

5.  Parents and potential students will both meet with staff together and individually.

6.  Parents will be notified if their children have been accepted to the school via phone call and/or U.S. Mail.

7.  Students enrolling for the first time will take the A.C.E. diagnostic test.

8.  Purchase of uniforms from school store or from appropriate stores are necessary.

9.  Parents will be required to attend a Parent Orientation Session about the school.  This will consist of a video explaining the curriculum and a PACE to answer questions in.  Parent Orientation Night will be held prior to school starting.  If enrolling other than at the beginning of the year arrangements will be made for parents to do Parent Orientation.

10. Pay all necessary fees and tuition

11.Students report to school for the first day.

Students wishing to re-enroll in the school should have parents fill out the Early Enrollment form and make necessary payments to insure a place for the student next year.  The form and payments should be received by April 20, 2013.  If arrangements have not been made, we will assume the student will be attending another school the following year.  Students will be admitted on a first-come, first-serve basis.